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Nominate a beneficiary host for artscience club

We value your nominations in order to best deliver our product unconditionally.  Artscience Club hosting organizations MUST be inclusive of the following guests, who are Valued in Perpetuity:   Our LGBT Citizens, First Nations Citizens, Citizens of Colour and Sex Industry Employed Citizens.   

Our corporate values of Compassion and Inclusion demand that we distribute 25% of our combined revenues and high-quality products unconditionally for our Citizens who identify an income level at or below the current MSDPR level of $14,420 annually.  Beneficiaries of Income Assistance and PWD are encouraged and welcome to be members.


We welcome nominations for both organizations and individuals, especially:

  • Low-Barrier Housing
  • Low-Barrier Drop-In Shelters
  • Courtworker and Advocacy Groups
  • Home Groups and Step Groups
  • Outreach Supports
  • Addiction Recovery Societies
  • Harm Reduction Supports
  • Support Services
  • Friendship Centres
  • Specialized Health Centres


***  Individuals who facilitate groups, organize committees or perform outreach are absolutely welcome as nominees!!  ***

***  TOP PRIORITY will be given to  Organizations and Individuals who have lost their funding, and continue to support in their respective fields.  Thank you for your service  ***

Thank you in advance for helping us build the bridges of unconditional love.     Your input truly matters, thank you.


Please introduce us to your nominee(s)  -  tell us everything!

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