A Soft Landing

Our Restful Sleep Blend


Let your mind and body know ...  it's safe to rest and let your guards down for the day.  Intoxicating blends with a generous base of Roman Chamomile to lull the senses, topped with a mindful layer of soothing Lavender Absolute.  A Proprietor's blend of sweet bean and floral top notes form an blanket of creature comfort, finishing off this gentle blend with a reminder that anxious feelings are no match for the loving warmth of A Soft Landing.


A Soft Landing 10 ml Topical Blend thoughtfully uses Fractionated Coconut Oil as a carrier for our exotic oils.  Fractionated Coconut, itself, is odourless and colourless to ensure no disruption to the integrity of the Signature recipe. 

A Soft Landing is safe and recommended for topical use and inhalation.  As our 10ml Roller product is a topical product and includes a carrier oil, please do not diffuse.



  • A well-deserved "Time Out" moment from your day

  • Preparing your mind and body for rest

  • After bath, to settle your nerves

  • At bedtime, to reassure yourself ease and well-being

  • Creating an atmosphere of peaceful interaction

  • Overcoming insomnia patterns with new rituals



  • Back of Neck and Chest, for nervous tension relief
  • Bottom of Feet, for grounding
  • Temples, for relief of mental fatigue
  • Wrists, for easy inhalation