Our Ceremonial Sage Blends


These powerful and potent blends clears the fog with a purifying top note of sharp berries and leaves.  Our sturdy base note is a Proprietor's Reserve blend of sweet Croatian and Spanish Sage, indicated beautifully for nervous tension and emotional fatigue.  Full-bodied Moroccan Cedarwood calms and steadies the mind, leaving a sweet hay-like finish to your ceremonial moment of calm.


Clear The Air 10 ml Topical Blend thoughtfully uses Fractionated Coconut Oil as a carrier for our exotic oils.  Fractionated Coconut, itself, is odourless and colourless to ensure no disruption to the integrity of the Signature recipe. 

Clear The Air is safe and recommended for topical use and inhalation.  As our 10ml Roller product is a topical product and includes a carrier oil, please do not diffuse.



Excellent for:

  • Beginning your day with purpose and structure

  • Refreshing the energy of your classroom or home

  • A reset moment during a busy day

  • After bath for strength and intention

  • At sunset, to calm the energy of the afternoon


  • Back of Neck and Chest, for nervous tension relief

  • Bottom of Feet and Legs, for grounding hypotension

  • Temples, to ease mental fatigue and promote clarity

  • Wrists, for easy inhalation